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FoldyPac - about us

Foldy Pac International supplies innovative and efficient packaging products. Whether it is standard collapsible crates with the unique Foldy Pac Clip System, customised export packaging or packaging materials -
our packaging solutions give your products ultimate protection. Would you like to know more what we can do for you? Then take a look around our website or get in touch with us!

Foldy Pac International is a leading specialist in the field of packaging and logistical solutions, with branches and distributors all over the world.
Our international character means that we are always able to offer you
the best and most modern packaging solutions in the world. The fact that Foldy Pac International is an authority in the field of innovation is evidenced by the unique, patented closure system that we use on our
collapsible crates: the Foldy Pac Clip System.

And the use of wooden packaging guarantees that your products will be
accepted at any border crossing without a problem. The reason for this is because our wooden packaging carries a stamp that shows we comply with the international ISPM 15 standard.